Physical Therapy

Complete Physical Therapy

Vance's Physical Therapy Centers' well equipped exercise rooms help patients restore their freedom of movement and strength. They provide exercise with little or no pain in the 20ft. by 40ft. heated pool (Gaylord) or 10ft. by 50ft. heated walking pool (Indian River) and the relaxing stationary whirlpools. One-on-one assistance is available for individuals as they use the exercise and aquatic therapy areas.

Please feel welcome to visit our center anytime Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 8:00am to 7:00 pm in Gaylord or Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday from 8:00am to 6:00 pm (Saturday until 3:00pm) in Indian River

Why Me?

Today, more and more people are becoming health minded. All ages are striving for a longer and happier life. One way to achieve this lifestyle is to exercise. A wrong move, an accident, poor sitting or standing posture can contribute to aching muscles and painful joints. Acknowledging the problem is very important. Understanding how to reduce pain and restore function for everyday activities is the goal of physical therapy.

Some children are born with developmental disabilities. With the help of physical therapy, many of these children will be able to go through life with improved or near normal function.

Why Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a healthy and pleasant way to restore muscle tone or return joint function. Here at Vance's we use stretching, patterning, and strengthening exercises, ultrasound, diathermy, electric stimulation and/or microwave therapy and aquatic therapy when appropriate.

Physical therapy often eliminates or delays the need for surgery. With a referral from your physician, you will be seen by a registered physical therapist who will evaluate and establish a treatment program geared to meet your needs, ability, and lifestyle. Home instructions will also be given to help encourage and maintain a speedy recovery.

Your First Visit:

We ask that you make an appointment for your first visit so that we can evaluate your starting point. This evaluation includes two initial computer evaluations:

  1. FBM (Full Body Metrecom): Electronic scan which measures bone structure and joint movement.
  2. BCA (Body Composition Analysis): to measure muscle mass and water content

Additional Visits:

Vance's functions with an 'open door' policy so that our patients can be treated at their convenience. A program will be set by the physical therapist with input from the physician for each patient. Most programs include a modality treatment (ultrasound, diathermy, electric stimulation, and or/ microwave), stretching and strengthening in the exercise room, and aquatic therapy. With no schedule, patients are invited to stay as long as they please, with an average treatment lasting one to two hours.

Two Convenient Locations
Vance's Rehabilitation Center
609 N. Court
Gaylord MI, 49735
Phone: (989)732-4753
Fax: (989)731-3553

Vance's Indian River
"Lumbar Yard"
3589 S. Straights Highway
P.O. Box 184
Indian River MI, 49749
Phone: (231) 238-0199
Fax: (231) 238-0192